Super Smash Bros Brawl

Luigi’s dark moon!

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Luigi has a new game luigi dark moon. Its the 2nd luigis manchin and Mario is traped by king boo again. I don’t have this game but this is luigis dark moon. Leave comits for luigi fans! ps: sorry I conint give you some tips of luigis dark moon I don’t have the game.

Super smash bros brawl information

Super smash bros melee was be for super smash bros brawl. They have new characters like Sonic , Meta Knight , and Wario that is all the new characters I no. There is a smash ball and it will get your characters a cool power and it can get some won out. Wario can now fart in super smash bros brawl, it is showing how bad Wario is in Mario games. It also shows how gasy and fat he is.

Mario the plumber imformation

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Mario has a bro named Luigi. They are from brooklynn. They fight Bowser. In Mario and Luigi partners in time they have baby Mario and baby Luigi it is like sonic generations with a little sonic. Mostly they have 2d Mario games like super Mario bros. Some Mario games are in 3d like super Mario 64. They save princess peach from Bowser. A lot of Bowsers minions that are in levels.

Sonic the hedeghog information

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Sonic the hedgehog is as fast as lightning. People make a lot of comic books of him. In the old days Dr. Egg Man  was Dr.  Robotnick. Dr. Egg man/Dr. Robotnick made metal sonic, and  made shadow too. Now there is a sonic  generations game where modern sonic and classic sonic fight the time eater. That’s how classic sonic got on modern Sonic’s world. Sega made all the sonic games some voice actors has been fired from sonic games. Some of the sonic games voice actors are weird sounding. Some sonic games are in 3d and 2d.

The Newest Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

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Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is one of the games Nintendo has recently released. It has been created to compliment the original Ninja Gaiden, which was released in 2004. Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is an action game that makes use of a stylus design. The games designer, Team Ninja, has done a wonderful job, with the graphics. You will be blown away by the way the way Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword’ graphics are a blend of two dimensional and three dimensional artwork that will make you feel like you are actually in the game instead of just playing it.

Dragon Sword is the latest installment in Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden series. Even though four, real time years, have passed between the releases of the two games, only six Ninja Gaiden months have passed since you last saw Ryu.


If you played any of the first Ninja Gaiden games, you already know that Ryu is not like the type of character, you would normally expect to find in an action game. Ryu is ninja who strives for peace. Ryu’s mission is to keep the hordes of demons from taking over the world. There is a clear division of good and evil in Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword.

Ryu’s Talents

In Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword Ryu is capable of several cool tricks and stunts. He throws shurikens, jumps, double jumps. Once you acquaint yourself with the game, you will find that Ryu is able to jump and throw stars at the same time. For hand-to-hand combat, Ryu has a whole series of slashes that will effectively stop the enemy demon in its tracks.

Playing Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

We know that you will be pleased to learn that Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is one of Nintendo’s DS games. The new, book like design and touch screen controls allow you to launch some impressive attacks on your enemies. It is also one of Nintendo’s many Wii games and can be played on DS.

Opoona-Reuniting a Family

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If you are a fan of role playing games, you will want to check out Opoona, a game that Nintendo released on March 25, 2008. Opoona is rated E+10.

What Is Opoona?

Opoona is a Nintendo game that was designed and created by the ArtePiazza and the art work was done by the same artist that designed the wildly popular Dragonquest.

The game Opoona is named after its main character. Opoona is a likable guy descends from the Cosmo Guards. At the beginning of the game, he is going on a much anticipated vacation with the rest of his family. Tragedy strikes when Opoona and his family are involved in an accident. Suddenly little Opoona finds himself all alone in a strange hospital on the planet on Landroll. Being stuck in a strange hospital without any friends or family is bad enough, but to make matters even worse, Opoona doesn’t remember why he’s there. You, as the game player, are responsible for Opoona’s well being. It is up to you to get him out of the hospital. He needs a job and you need to get him a license so that he can move freely from one colony to the next. You must also help him fight enemies like the Dark Rogues. Your most important task as a game player is to reunite Opoona with his brother and sister.

Other playable characters are Opoona’s brother and sister.

What Does Opoona Look Like?

Opoona makes use of full rich colors for its background that seem to pop off your screen. The main characters have humanistic features that make them easy to relate to and the entire game has a pleasant look that makes it easy to play. The graphics are three-dimensional

How Do I Play Opoona?

Opoona is one of Nintendo’s new Wii games. It is a one player game. All of the games motion is controlled with the Nunchuck peripheral.

Introducing Nanostray 2

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On March 11, 2008 the Nintendo Corporation introduced their latest game, a game called Nanostray 2. Nanostray 2 is the sequel to Nintendo’s Nanostray.

The World of Nanostray 2

If you are someone who likes to play games that are full of action and constant activity, if you drool over games that allow to shoot things, if you love being able to die in a hundred different ways to die, then Nanostray 2 is the game for you. While playing Nanostray 2, you will have an opportunity to choose from a seemingly limitless number of projectiles that you can use to shoot hundreds of different foes. While playing Nanostray 2, you will have the sense that you are all alone in a hostile world. From the second you start to play, Nanostray 2 is a non-stop fight for your life.

Nanostray 2 Weaponry

While fighting one foe after another, you will have an impressive arsenal to choose from. You can choose from different six different impressive weapons that you can configure to suit your needs before using them for protection. In addition to the weaponry you will also have access to 4 unlockable simulators.

The Purpose

One of the nice things about Nanostray 2 is that it has a plot. When you start playing, you find that you are a researcher, researching the Nanostray virus. If you are unable to stop the enemies, they will take over the Nanostray technology, using it to kill you.

As you advance through the levels, you will visit each of the eight Nanostray planets. Each planet features its own enemies, a different background, and unique set of hazards and perils.

Playing Nanostray 2

Nanostray can be played with just one person, or it can be adjusted for two people. You can play Nanostray 2 on your DS.

Go Green While Playing Eco Creatures: Save the Forest

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Nintendo proudly released their earth friendly game, Eco Creatures: Save the Forest, on March 4, 2008. Eco Creatures: Save the Forest can be played by up to four players and enjoys a family friendly ranking of E. Eco Creatures: Save the Forest is a real time strategy game that was designed to demonstrate the effect of clear cut forestry on the rainforest.

The Plot

Eco Creatures: Save the Forest is set in the mythical forest of Mana Woods. For as long as anyone can remember the residents of Mana Woods lived in peace, but now that peace being destroyed. A neighboring kingdom is expanding its borders destroying the forest in the process. It is up to you to stop them before the damage is irreversible.

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Save The Farm While Playing Chicken Hunter

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On March 4th, 2008, Nintendo’s newest action, puzzle, racing game, Chicken Hunt hit the store shelves. Chicken Hun is a game created with a younger age group in mind. Chicken Hunter has a rating of E 10+ and will be enjoyed by pre-teens.

The Purpose

When playing Chicken Hunt, you purpose is clear, you are to find as many escaped chickens and there are chickens all over the place in Chicken Hunter, some are running, some are flying, some a hiding behind things. Kids will be delighted to find chickens hiding in unusual places, like inside outhouses and fishing in ponds. The chickens offer further enjoyment by indulging in unchicken like behavior such as frying up breakfast, and reading books.

The more chickens you shoot, the more points you earn. Points are handed out based on difficulty, the harder a chicken is to kill, the more points you will collect. You will want to know what you are aiming at when you are playing Chicken Hunt because shooting harmless items, like the barn, will cost you points.

The Look

Chicken Hunter has lots of bright, colorful, and fun graphics. The chickens are a dull yellow/brown color with googley eyes and worried expressions. They are easy to spot against the vividly colored background. Chirping birds in the background add ambiance to the game.

Choose Your Game Mode

Chicken Hunter has not one, not two, not three, but five different game modes players can choose from. The game modes are Classic, Spot the Difference, Gems, Weights, and Hotwire. Playing Chicken Hunter in its classic mode will be similar to playing a Wii game.

Operating Requirements

Chicken Hunter is a single person game that can be played either on a handheld DS or on a personal computer. If you are playing Chicken Hunter on a personal computer, the minimum system operating system is Windows 98.

Discovering Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery

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One of the Nintendo games that were released on March 4, 2008 is called Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery. If you wish to play Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery by yourself you can do so on your Nintendo DS controller, but if you would like some camaraderie while playing the online game is designed to be played by a maximum of 4 players. Parents will be pleased to know that Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery was given the family friendly rating of E for everyone.

What is Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery?

Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery is an excellent game for people who love strategy games. Unlike so many games that are set in never before heard of worlds and rely heavily on monsters, space ships, and espionage as their plot, Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery went back in time. Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery sends you back in time, to a place when the world was full of just two types of people; heroes and ruffians. While you are there, you will be able to create your very own empire.

How Do You Play?

When you are playing Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery you will have to think like Christopher Columbus. Your job will be to discover new worlds. Once you have found these new worlds, you will have to create settlements from scratch, eventually turning them into a flourishing empire that you rule over. Of course, you will have to endure several hardships along the way.

What are the Graphics Like?

The graphics department spared no expense when they were working on Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery. Everything is brightly colored and very cheerful. It makes the past feel like a warm sunny place to live. The game is full of tiny house, advancing armies, and brilliant blue oceans. The amount of details used on the characters (who are human and not alien) is incredible.